To all members of Chapter 75, NAWCC:

Robert Gary is running for the board of directors of NAWCC and I wish to endorse his program.  I have known Robert for many years and know him to be a excellent businessman and quite able to evaluate financial and advertising aspects of the NAWCC.  He has now retired from a business which he and his wife created and operated for many years but have now sold.  He wishes to take that proven capability to assist the NAWCC to improve the many facets that make our association a valued asset to its members.  

I implore you to vote as too few members seem to take the few moments to do so.  You do not have to vote for other candidates if you have insufficient knowledge of their background or business capabilities but a single vote for Robert will enhance his probability of obtaining the position of director. You have received the ballot on your email and it is a simple process to enter your NAWCC number and check the square.  Follow the directions and hit “SEND”.   California deserves a representative and here is our chance to obtain a very well qualified and proactive person to do so.

I have attached a brochure in which he has more fully laid out his qualifications and his intents for the operation of NAWCC.   PLEASE read it and I hope you will agree with me that he is the best candidate for the position of director.

Jim Chamberlain,

President, Chapter 75 NAWCC


The March Meeting of NAWCC Chapter 75

Will be held on:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Granada Pavilion, 11128 Balboa Blvd., Granada Hills

This month's program:

Torsion Suspension Clocks

Admission is Free!

12:00 - Mart and $5 Luncheon

1:30 - General Meeting and Presentation


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